Cut 2 On Fold

The Space, Stroud, May 2010
Quenington Old Rectory, July 2010
Hidcote Manor Garden, July 2010
Woodchester Mansion, August 2010

CUT 2 ON FOLD was a multi-faceted textile-led project including an interactive installation and a contemporary dance piece performed in three historic sites across Gloucestershire.

The project explored the journey from flat pattern to calico toile to finished garment to the wearing of the garment. As visitors entered a mysterious workshop, they found a silent group of tailor’s dummies clothed in the bare bones of an outfit, each one a world within a  world. They were invited to embellish and add to the installation, slowly bringing it to life. As the installation progressed, the garments and installation changed according to the additions made by visitors, workshop participants, and the Studio Seven textile artists.

The garments and installation were then used as inspiration for choreographer Marie-Louise Flexen and composers Rick Morton and Steve Skinley, who collaborated with Studio Seven and a group of dancers to create a performance which brought the world of the installation to life in three dramatic settings.

A documentary film was subsequently made capturing the many stages of the project including the performances, and was presented at the 2010 Stroud Textile Festival.

Choreographed by Marie-Louise Flexen. Original music composed by Familiars - Rick Morton and Steve Skinley

Arts Council England and Gloucestershire County Council generously supported Cut 2 On Fold.